Let’s Be Real, You’re Never Getting A Mentor, So Do These Six Things Instead

I’ve never had a “mentor,” no well-connected older colleague I go to for career advice and moral support. I don’t have regular check-ins involving my professional life with anyone other than my manager, and I’m betting that’s true for lots of people.

Getting somebody to invest themselves indefinitely in your career success, like an unpaid coach, is more than many people can reasonably pull off.

So if you’re like me and are fine foregoing mentorship, here’s what you can do instead and end up no worse for the wear.

Why Mentoring Won’t Create More Female Leaders

Many people advocate mentorship programs to cultivate confident leaders. However, I’m a big proponent of sponsorship over mentorship. Why? Sponsors actively pursue opportunities on behalf of an individual.

If done correctly, men and women actively championing women throughout their careers can contribute to a recalibration of the dynamics of the workplace.