Girl Talk Advice for Women at Work


This Is Why You Always Get Interrupted At Work

Your posture, tone of voice, and even your diet may play a part in getting your message across.

You may be tempted to point the finger at your coworkers for their lack of manners, but according to most experts you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.

How to Thwart “Mansplaining” According to a Former Facebook Executive

“Mansplaining” has not been in our lexicon long, but the word has forced us to examine the behavior of men condescending to women more closely — especially in the workplace — in the few years it has roared onto the scene.

Top 5 Rules BOSS Babes Should Follow For A Productive Morning

I always get asked what my morning routine is like, and I’m happy that I finally get a chance to share it with you guys!

To be honest, I’ve spent many years mastering my mornings no matter what time I wake up. I’ve learned that the most successful people have a routine that they follow and also, that routines are very helpful for my personal life.

7 Regular Habits of Successful Working Women

Achieving success in the work place takes hard work, dedication and experience. You can also boost your career by cultivating regular habits into your everyday life. Although you may not think that the rituals are critical to your career, they can create balance, clear your mind and help you put your time to good use.

How Being Authentic Accelerates Leadership in Women

Leading with greater authenticity, instead of adopting personae based on other people’s expectations, may unlock more leadership potential in women and accelerate their impact within their organizations, according to new research conducted by Korn Ferry.