Lady Boss

Male leaders find themselves with an important responsibility: Developing diverse talent and growing the number of female leaders within their organization. LadyBoss provides tools to help make that happen.

Many companies are looking to leverage the value that women bring to corporations and boards. They recognize the strategic advantage of growing the number of women leaders.

Executive ownership of talent development is one of the strongest success factors in the development & advancement of women. However, this role can be challenging for male leaders who don’t necessarily understand the unique challenges women face and are uncertain of how best to provide support and advocacy.

The Lady Boss program provides male executives with tools to grow their skills in leading and developing female talent.

Lady Boss is not diversity training, it is applied talent development viewed through the lens of gender.

Public Workshops:

Winter / Spring sessions are being scheduled (Ask about Early Bird Discounts)


Featherstone Group customizes the Lady Boss approach to meet specific company needs. This may include:

  • Individualized coaching
  • Interactive presentations to groups
  • Internal workshops for leaders of female talent (all male or mixed gender audience)


Who Should Participate:
Mid to senior level male leaders who…

  • Understand the value that women bring to corporations and boards.
  • Have responsibility for developing other leaders within the organization.
  • Want to understand the unique challenges women face in order to better provide support and advocacy.
  • May be hesitant to ask about or discuss gender issues because they don’t want to risk accidentally offending.
  • Are managing or mentoring a woman who is currently in a leadership role or a high potential woman who will soon be in a leadership role.

Topics Covered:

  • Authenticity
  • Power & Politics
  • Gender Challenges
  • Professional Brand
  • Mentors & Champions
  • Growth & Development
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Gap Between Intent and Impact


  • Actionable steps and a stronger understanding of how participants can better lead / develop the women they are championing.
  • Increased retention and advancement of women leaders and high potentials.
  • Leaders who are skilled in the strategic issue of developing diversity.
  • Recognition of a corporate culture that is committed to developing and advancing women.