Confidential Thought Partner

Dr. Sarah Bodner is a trusted advisor and confidant to executives leading in changing environments.

Every leader needs someone to talk to but finding an internal confidant can be extremely difficult once leaders rise to a certain level in the hierarchy. Sarah fills this void by serving as an objective & confidential thought partner.

Dr. Bodner works with executives:

  • Leading strategic change
  • New to a role or organization
  • Developing talent, particularly female talent
  • Aligning strategy throughout the organization
  • Mitigating internal and external issues to alter brand reputation
  • Adjusting talent, culture, employee engagement, and/or systems hindering the execution of strategy

Developmental Coaching

Leaders can become so focused on driving toward results that they often lose sight of the softer side of leadership. This leads to interpersonal challenges, severely limiting the effectiveness of a leader.

Dr. Bodner has an affinity for working with difficult executives. She is skilled in providing support as they work to alter their reputation and relationships.

She is highly selective in these engagements to ensue a strong fit between coach and client.