Focus on Business Impact:

Featherstone understands the plight of the executive. There is difficult balance in responding to shifting priorities, managing changing budgets, and delivering high quality products – all while maintaining employee morale and growing revenues.

Leaders are so busy handling the day-to-day of the business and responding to the many unexpected challenges that arise, that making time for strategy and the softer side of the business becomes very difficult.

Fortunately, executives can leverage the expertise of consultants (both internal and external) to address strategy and the softer side of the business. These experts create solutions that are grounded in best practices, thoroughly vetted, and perfectly packaged.

The downside is that these solutions can be very complex, take a lot of time, and don’t necessarily impact business challenges that leaders are most concerned about. The solutions become a low priority and thus, the value is underwhelming.

Featherstone starts with the key business challenges and works to develop solutions that are simple, value added, and worth the time and energy of the client organization.


Work Ourselves Out of A Job:

Featherstone utilizes a consulting approach that maximizes the resources and experience within the client organization. We have substantial technical and process wisdom but have found our greatest expertise to be in elevating the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of internal staff.

This takes the form of helping the client team identify best practices, asking questions to expand the staff’s thinking, and guiding them in developing models, strategies, and plans. We have found the most effective solutions to be those that are created by members of the organization, as opposed to those that are given to the organization.

Essentially, we try to work ourselves out of a job by developing the capabilities of members of the organization.